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Welcome to the Memphis Area Beekeepers Association webpages.

We are a club of professionals and amateurs interested in beekeeping in and around the Mid-South.  We are a diverse group, the one thing we have in common is that we are interested in bees and beekeeping.  Some of us have many hives and others have none.  We all love honey and honeybees!



Want to join the club? Download a 2019 Memphis Area Beekeepers Registration Form, and mail it to us (address is on the form), or bring it with your payment to our next meeting.



We are now on Facebook and Twitter, please follow us! All MABA-sponsored events will be posted here as well as on Facebook and Twitter. These will include MABA meetings, short courses, field days, and other beekeeping events throughout the Mid-South that may be of interest to members and the public.


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Do you have a swarm at your house that needs to be removed? Or bees in your house? Click the 2019 List of Independent Beekeepers for Swarm Removals to see a list of names and phone numbers of MABA members willing to remove swarms or honeybees from your home.


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UT Extension Master Beekeeping Program Schedule – 2019

The June 13-14 Advanced Master Beekeeping class in Williamson County needs more registrations to stop from being cancelled, by June 6th, so sign up and attend a great advanced master class and qualify for a TAEP grant!

The 2019 Master Beekeeping Program schedule has been posted and online registration is open. Advanced class requires that you have taken the UT Basic MBP class – classes at your local beekeeping clubs do not qualify. There are no waivers or exceptions. Both levels qualify for TAEP grants. Please contact your local Extension office or the Extension agent organizing a specific class if you have questions.

Register online with the links below:

Basic –
Advanced –



From Mike Studer, TN State Apiarist – AFB in West TN

For everyone with Registered or unregistered apiaries in the following counties: Weakley, Stewart, Obion, Dyer, Henry, Gibson, Carrol, Benton, Humphreys, Houston, or Montgomery. Tests confirmed 11 colonies in 3 apiaries were positive for American Foulbrood. These colonies were in Weakley and Stewart counties. Those colonies have been destroyed. We will be notifying all registered beekeepers within the affected area and inspecting all apiaries within the affected area in the next few weeks. Any beekeeper that thinks they may have AFB should send an e-mail to ASAP. Anyone that knowingly has American Foulbrood and does not report it is subject to a $500.00 fine. Please be careful moving colonies within these counties get your local area inspectors to come out and inspect before you move anything.  Anyone moving colonies out of these counties or within these counties without a health certificate is subject to a $500.00 fine. Please everyone be diligent about hygiene when going from one apiary to the other. Designate a hive tool for each apiary or burn them between apiaries. Use disposable gloves when inspecting hives in these counties.



July 8, 2019 – MABA July 2019 Meeting – Van Power will present The Art of Honey Extraction. Many of you are seeing the bees cap the honey in your supers, so this is a timely subject for many. You will not want to miss this!


July 8-10, 2019 – Heartland Apicultural Society 2019 meeting in Bowling Green, KY! HAS 2019 will be hosted by Western Kentucky University. With 6 keynote speakers and 24 more great speakers this meeting will have everything you need at any level of beekeeping. Registration forthcoming.



August 12, 2019 – MABA August 2019 Meeting – Kent Williams is a EAS Certified Master Beekeeper. He has been keeping bees for about 30 years. He manages 800 or so colonies in western Kentucky, and is based in Wingo, KY. We have linked to Kent’s Facebook page over the years, as he presents the yearly Kent Williams Bee School each April, along with the Lake Barkley Beekeepers Association. Come ready with your questions, he might just have an answer!



September 8-12, 2019 – Apimondia 2019 – The 46th Apimondia International Apicultural Congress is in Montreal, Quebec, Canada this year, the first and last time in North America for several years. This is the place to be to learn about international beekeeping challenges and practices! Let us know if you plan on attending!



September 9, 2019 – MABA September 2019 Meeting – Mike Studer, Tennessee State Apiarist, will present the state of beekeeping in TN and how to keep our bees healthy and thriving. You will want to attend this meeting! If there is enough interest Mr. Studer will hold a TN Apiary Inspector Course. Please let Bob if you are interested in this class!


October 14, 2019 – MABA October 2019 Meeting – Speakers and Subject coming soon!


November 11, 2019 – MABA November 2019 Meeting – Speakers and Subject coming soon!

Importantly, the November MABA meeting is our yearly Honey Show and Competition! So let’s have everyone bring their best honey and hive products to be judged. That is how you win! Review the MABA Honey Show rules, prepare your products, and enter them to win your entered class, or maybe even the Premier Exhibitor! Best of luck to everyone!


December 9, 2019 – MABA December 2019 Meeting – A successful honey harvest deserves a celebration!




From the Tennessee Department of Agriculture: Consider registering your apiary and commercially grown crops sensitive to pesticides with the FieldWatch program, developed by Purdue University in response to the recent dicamba overspray events of the last few years. Read more about it here.



Honeybee Tennessee license plate

There’s a chance to get a TN Honeybee ? license plate. They need 1,000 Preorders.




We meet at 7 P.M., every second Monday of the month at the Agricenter, 7777 Walnut Grove Road around back in “Concourse C.”  Should you decide to come, remember “Concourse C” and look for us in one of two locations, either the Banquet Room to the left as you enter the building or in the Amphitheater. 

Remember to bring questions and drop them in the box as you enter.  All questions will be taken from the box and answered during the meeting.  We often have an open question format following presentations, please feel free to ask you questions.

We provide:

  • Educational programs for groups in the area.

  • Help in removing honeybees that invade the spaces of people.  If you have honeybees on your property and would like them removed, click on the List of Independent Beekeepers for Swarm Removals tab above to see a list of people willing to help.

Questions? Send Bob Whitworth an email,




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