Memphis Area Beekeepers Association:

  • To develop interest in beekeeping in the Memphis area
  • To teach beekeeping to new members in the area
  • To educate the community about the honey bee
  • To offer services to the community as in capturing bee swarms
  • The production and packaging of honey products
  • To promote a good environment between beekeepers and the general public through education and awareness.
  • This is done in many ways, primarily through the presentations and conversations that raise public awareness of the honeybee and the benefits of beekeeping.




Consider joining MABA: 2018 Memphis Area Beekeepers Registration Form

We have honey extractors available for MABA club members.

If you need a honey extractor, please contact Bob Haskett,

either by phone: 901.872.0074, or by email:  RHas4852@aol.com

Contact Us:

Bob Whitworth, President:  bgw92143@yahoo.com

Snail mail: Memphis Area Beekeepers Association, 4852 Waycross Ave, Millington, TN 38053

2018 MABA Officers

President – Bob Whitworth

Vice President – Charles Force

Recording Secretary – Tom Tompkins

Corresponding Secretary – Eric Caron

Treasurer – Bob Haskett

Board Members

Furniss Harkness

Jerry Murphy

Huff Peeler

Van Power

Gary Wildman