Need bees? Now is the time to put your order in. Below are several local bee suppliers, please contact them with your needs:

Dena Hodge    901-413-1460

Ron Clift          901-651-8548

Harry Fulton – please contact Charles Force, 901-831-1207 or 662-429-7586

Richard Coy – please contact Charles Force, 901-831-1207 or 662-429-7586

Gus Mitchell     276-870-0618

Jerry Heinz       731-441-1911, located in Holladay, TN

NEW Glass Jars for Sale, quart and pint with white metal lids – contact Robert Hodum at 901-603-6492,

Need honey bears? Robert Hodum is your source for honey bears also.

Beekeeping equipment for sale: Ryan Graycheck (404-398-3998 or

 I have 4 complete setups that I no longer need. All equipment is 10 frame and cedar boxes and constructed with stainless steel hardware. All equipment is 1-2 years old and in good shape. Most if not all frames have drawn wax. All equipment is currently wrapped in plastic and has been frozen to kill any pests prior to storing for winter. We have never used any chemicals in these hives.

4- 10 frame bottom deeps with drawn comb
4- screened bottom boards
4- bottom boards for insulation
4- metal queen excluders-
4- 10 frame hive tops

$250/ set up- includes 1 screened bottom board, 1 metal queen excluder, 1 hive top, 1 bottom deep with drawn wax, 1 honey super with drawn wax, 1 super with new foundation, 1 wind prevention insert for screened bottom

Misc. Equipment-
3- new cedar supers + frames- $35 each already assembled, 1 pine super with frames assembled- $25
20- loose frames with foundation- no drawn wax- $30
Dadant uncapping tub- used one time, $125 ($140 + shipping new)
Cappings scratcher- $5
Speed king hot knife- used one time, $110 ($120 + shipping new)
Bottling bucket- used one time $20
Food grade storage 5 gallon buckets- used one time $5 each
Hive tool- $5
Dadant large hive smoker- used one time, $45 ($48 + shipping new)
Pine beetle traps- 20+ available $2 each 
Glass large feeder jars- large, tops have holes- 16 jars, $5 each
Oxalic acid kit- never used, $10 
Hardware cloth for bottom board/ nuc constuction- $10
Entrance reducers- $1 each, 5 available 
Bee keeping gloves- dadant, good condition, size medium- $20 
Dadant bee keeping suit with veil- size medium- never used- $75, ($85+shipping new) 
1- home made 5 frame nuc box with 5 frames and new foundation- $20 

Buy everything for $1500
Ryan Graycheck (404-398-3998 or