From Cal Millner – 901.340.9603 cell

I have two hives for sale. They are doing really well. Too many hives not enough yard…plus my dog is losing space! 8 Frame Equipment is a year old or less. Hives are heavy with honey. $375 for complete hive with one deep two mediums, excluder and  $275 for the other. It is complete with two mediums, going to need another medium soon. Prices are firm. . Both have good laying queens.



Need bees? Now is the time to put your order in. Below are several local bee suppliers, please contact them with your needs:

              Dena Hodge 901-413-1460
              Ron Clift 901-651-8548
              Harry Fulton – please contact Stuart Hooser, 901-485-6152  OR

Glass Jars for Sale, quart and pint with solid white lids–NEW contact Robert Hodum at 901.603.6492,  Robert Hodum is your source for honey bears also.