Welcome back for the Second Annual Fall Beekeeping Conference at the Agricenter! We are please to have excellent speakers that will discuss their successes (and failures), for practical use in our apiaries. This is an all-day meeting, with many sessions, the agenda is forthcoming with the specific topics to be covered. This meeting will be helpful whether you are a seasoned beekeeper or don’t have a hive yet.

Please print out the registration form, fill it out, and bring it with you to the September 22, 2018 Second Annual Fall Beekeeping Conference at the Agricenter in Memphis, TN.

The scheduled speakers are:

1) Dr. Leo Sharashkin – known for his natural beekeeping methods and use of horizontal hives (Layens and long Langstroths), along with innovative swarm trapping. His presentations will have many talking about colony health.

2) TBD

3) TBD

See y’all there! More details forthcoming!