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Welcome to the Memphis Area Beekeepers Association webpages.

We are a club of professionals and amateurs interested in beekeeping in and around the Mid-South.  We are a diverse group, the one thing we have in common is that we are interested in bees and beekeeping.  Some of us have many hives and others have none.  We all love honey and honeybees!



Want to join the club? Download a 2021 Memphis Area Beekeepers Registration Form, and mail it to us (address is on the form), or bring it with your payment to our next meeting.



Current members can benefit from many resources, including:

1) Mentorship

2) Borrowing honey extractors during harvest season

3) Inclusion on the Swarm List (List of Independent Beekeepers for Swarm Removals)

4) Monthly newsletters providing timely information on local, state and national beekeeping concerns

5) Monthly general membership meeting, keeping everyone up to date on the art, science, and practice of beekeeping



We are now on Facebook and Twitter, please follow us! All MABA-sponsored events will be posted here as well as on Facebook and Twitter. These will include MABA meetings, short courses, field days, and other beekeeping events throughout the Mid-South that may be of interest to members and the public.


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Do you have a swarm at your house that needs to be removed? Or bees in your house? Click the 2021 List of Independent Beekeepers for Swarm Removals to see a list of names and phone numbers of MABA members willing to remove swarms or honeybees from your home.


Join us at our Upcoming Events! 




December 13, 2021 at 7 pm – MABA December 2021 Meeting – Instead of a Christmas Dinner and Harvest Celebration, MABA will have an open discussion with “Building Your Best Apiary in 2022” as the topic. Also during this meeting time MABA members will be able to sign up for 2022 Nucs! We have great Nuc producers and sellers already making their sign up/commitment lists available to MABA members, so come be the first to sign up for your 2022 Nucs! If previous years are any indication, demand will be greater than supply!


If that was not enough, the results and prize money from the 2021 MABA Honey Show will be presented to the lucky winners during the December MABA Meeting. See y’all there!


Like the last meeting, please bring your masks or we will have some available at the door. We will be in Concourse C in the Banquet Room of the Agricenter. See y’all there!


***Important – we ARE meeting at the Agricenter this December 2021 meeting***





January 10, 2022 at 7 pm – MABA January 2022 Meeting – Speaker and subject TBD! More details forthcoming!





January 29, 2022 – Attend the MABA 57th Annual Beekeeping Short Course Saturday, January 29, 2022 at the Agricenter International in Memphis, TN.

Are you ready for the 2022 beekeeping season and honey harvest? Do you want to start and are new to beekeeping and not sure what to do? We are here to help! Details forthcoming for the MABA 57th Annual Beekeeping Short Course. Stay tuned.





From the Tennessee Department of Agriculture: Consider registering your apiary and commercially grown crops sensitive to pesticides with the FieldWatch program, developed by Purdue University in response to the recent dicamba overspray events of the last few years. Read more about it here.




Honeybee Tennessee license plate

Don’t have your Honeybee Tennessee (Save the Honey Bee) license plate yet? Don’t worry, you can still get them here: Don’t forget to follow them on FaceBook:























We meet at 7 P.M., every second Monday of the month at the Agricenter, 7777 Walnut Grove Road around back in “Concourse C.”  Should you decide to come, remember “Concourse C” and look for us in one of two locations, either the Banquet Room to the left as you enter the building or in the Amphitheater. 

Remember to bring questions and drop them in the box as you enter.  All questions will be taken from the box and answered during the meeting.  We often have an open question format following presentations, please feel free to ask you questions.


We provide:

  • Educational programs for groups in the area.

  • Help in removing honeybees that invade the spaces of people.  If you have honeybees on your property and would like them removed, click on the List of Independent Beekeepers for Swarm Removals tab above to see a list of people willing to help.

Questions? Send Charles Force an email,




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