Memphis Area Beekeepers Association:

  • To develop interest in beekeeping in the Memphis area
  • To teach beekeeping to new members in the area
  • To educate the community about the honey bee
  • To offer services to the community as in capturing bee swarms
  • The production and packaging of honey products
  • To promote a good environment between beekeepers and the general public through education and awareness.
  • This is done in many ways, primarily through the presentations and conversations that raise public awareness of the honeybee and the benefits of beekeeping.




Consider joining MABA: 2022 Memphis Area Beekeepers Registration Form


We have honey extractors available for MABA club members.

If you need a honey extractor, please contact Eddie Nunn,

either by phone: 901-412-8128, or by email: thenunnfarm@gmail.com



Current members can benefit from many resources, including:


1) Mentorship

2) Borrowing honey extractors during harvest season (see contact above)

3) Inclusion on the Swarm List (List of Independent Beekeepers for Swarm Removals)

4) Monthly newsletters providing timely information on local, state and national beekeeping concerns

5) Monthly general membership meeting, keeping everyone up to date on the art, science, and practice of beekeeping



Contact Us:

Eric Caron, President:  memphisbeekeeper@gmail.com

Snail mail: Memphis Area Beekeepers Association, P.O. Box 38028, Germantown, TN 38183

Memphis Area Beekeepers Association Bylaws are available here.



2022 MABA Officers

President – Eric Caron

Vice President – Furniss Harkness

Treasurer – Amy Woodard

Recording Secretary – Lisa Wade

Corresponding Secretary – Gary Woodard


2022 Board Members

Joy Layton

Eddie Seratt

Gregg Tingle

Tom Tompkins

Kevin Woods