February 6th, 2021 – MABA 56th Annual Beekeeping Short CourseLEARN HOW TO RAISE HONEYBEES FROM HOME!

We welcome everyone to attend an educational seminar on beekeeping Saturday, February 6th.   Various aspects of beginning beekeeping will be studied, including bee-hive equipment, hive management, bee-disease control, sources of nectar and pollen, how to install packaged bees, and other beekeeping topics.

As it is now becoming the norm, and required by local health officials, this will be the first MABA short course to be conducted remotely by experienced Memphis area beekeepers who are members of local and state beekeeping associations. Collectively these presenters have many years of beekeeping experience and will provide a first-class opportunity for you to get started in beekeeping.

New members without any prior beekeeping experience attending the course will have a chance to win a beginners beekeeping kit, including a complete bee hive, bees, bee veil, smoker, bee gloves, etc. Two hive kits will be awarded. You could be a winner! Winners will be announced at the end of the Short Course.

All current members of the Memphis Area Beekeepers will receive an email invitation to attend the Short Course in Google Meet. If you are not a current member, we recommend interested individuals go to the Memphis Area Beekeepers Association website (www.memphisbeekeepers.com) to fill out the NEW online New member or renewal member registration. It is as simple as creating an account and paying the $15 yearly dues—this gets you into the 2021 Short Course!

Alternatively, a physical registration form is available on the Memphis Area Beekeepers Association website (www.memphisbeekeepers.com).  Fill it out and send it in ASAP—we will need to have received it before the Short Course. Checks should be made out to Memphis Area Beekeepers Association and mailed to P.O. Box 38028, Germantown, TN 38183.  

If you have further questions, please contact Memphis Area Beekeepers Association President, Mr. Charles Force at (901) 831-1207; or, go to the Memphis Area Beekeepers’ Association website: www.memphisbeekeepers.com, or join us on our MABA Facebook Page. Share this event on Facebook with all your friends and family!