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Tennessee Beekeepers Association


Members with hives must register them if they live in Tennessee.  To access the Tennessee Hive Registration Form click here: Register your hives

Tennessee Hive Registration. Read more about it here.

The Tennessee Beekeepers Association also has a Hive Registration siteUse the preceding link if the link above is not active.


Importantly, our Club has Local Inspectors that can inspect bees in registered apiaries for the purpose of moving them etc.

Local Inspectors


Bob Whitworth   901.294.3560

Robert Hodum  901.603.6492

David Glover  901.508.0653

Stuart Hooser  901.485.6152

Local inspectors cannot inspect them for the purpose of selling or transporting them across state lines.

Contact Michael Studer for selling, trading, importing, colony inspection, entry permits, moving colonies, pollination list, apiary registration, County or Area Beekeeping Associations Apiary Inspection Grants and other regulatory issues.

Tennessee State Apiarist, Michael Studer, Tennessee Dept. of Agriculture, Consumer and Industry Services, Ellington Agricultural Center, Box 40627, Melrose Station, 440 Hogan Road, Porter Bldg., Nashville, TN 37204, (615) 837-5342.



Arkansas – Jerry Murphy 870.482.3810