Get ready for the 2018 Heartland Apicultural Society Meeting, which will be held at Washington University in St. Louis, MO on July 11-13, 2018. Registration cost is $100 for the 3 days, or $40 per day. There is also a queen-rearing class for $10. Meals are extra of course, but available on campus. Accommodations on the Washington University campus are cheap and plentiful, with free parking.

Heartland Apicultural Society (HAS) offers three full days of beekeeping education every year, rotating through Midwest states to reach as many beekeepers as possible. Many vendors will be onsite

Over July 11-13, May Berenbaum, Marla Spivak, Keith Delaplane, Jennifer Berry, Dennis vanEngelsdorp, and Samuel Ramsay the well-known bee researchers and experts that are confirmed.

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