After all that, we are indeed Installing new nucs and Introducing new queens in splits Saturday, May 5, 2018, 6:30 AM at the Agricenter Bee Yard.

For MABA Members, come learn to work the club bees with Gus Mitchell and Robert Hodum. Willing volunteers (you?) will be installing new nucs and introducing new queens in recent splits. If you decide to help, please bring your own protective equipment, a hive tool, and a smile! See y’all there! This will be the last opportunity this year to install nucs!

Where is the MABA Agricenter Bee Yard? From the Agricenter take Smythe Farm Road, take a right turn onto B. Lee Mallory Road after the Arrowhead Nursery, also on your right. Go up the gravel road (north towards Walnut Grove Rd) and park above or below the gate, please do not block the road. The bee yard is on the left, suit up before going in!

As always, taking pictures and video of MABA Field Days is prohibited unless explicit consent is given by the individuals and the group prior to taking pictures or filming video. Please be respectful of everyone’s right to privacy.