The Tipton County Ag Days are scheduled for May 8 & 9, 2019, with a rain makeup day scheduled for May 10. They have a need for Beekeeping speakers. There are 30 talks to be given to 800+ 5th grade students that will attend. Bob Whitworth will be volunteering, and he will need others to help in this community outreach. You will have a demonstration hive and other educational materials on hand to discuss bees and beekeeping to the eager minds of these young students.


Tipton County Ag day is an educational field trip for the 5th grade students and teachers of Tipton County. It is intended to teach the importance of agriculture in our county, state, and world. It is also designed to teach the importance of protecting and conserving our environment.


Tipton County Ag Day takes place at the Tennessee Gins Inc. warehouse at 800 Tennessee Ave. Covington, TN 38019.


If you can volunteer for this great event, please reach out to Bob Whitworth to coordinate, at 901-569-3560 or


See y’all there!