March 2-4, 2017 – UT is offering their TN Master Beekeeper Basic Class, in the Red Barn at the Agricenter International, 7777 Walnut Grove Rd, in Memphis, TN, 38120.

We highly recommend this class if you can attend all 3 days, which is a Thursday evening and all day Friday and Saturday, March 2-4, 2017. BEE prepared to be awed by Dr. John Skinner, UT Extension Apiculturist and Extension Coordinator.

The Tennessee Master Beekeeper Program is a school for beekeepers. The goal is to improve the knowledge of TN beekeepers about beekeeping, and the program is dedicated to all beekeepers in Tennessee. It started as a pilot in 1991 for 55 people from 3 counties and was expanded in 1992-93 to include testing before and after the course, 10 classroom topics and 1 field day with hands-on training. An info packet provides 24 publications and outlines for classes. Currently more than 3,000 participants, representing 85+ TN counties have completed the Basic Level.


Basic level is an entry level program and requires no previous training to enroll or no mandatory “years of beekeeping”. Completing this level requires passing a simple written test which is necessary to objectively assess the skills acquired. Individuals should be familiar with basic knowledge and skills necessary for a beginning beekeeper. Topics to understand for the Basic Level:

1. Sources of beekeeping information for the “beeginner”
2. The colony – basic bee biology and behavior
3. The bee hive – construction, equipment, tools
4. Acquiring bees – packages, swarms, queens
5. Seasonal management – swarm prevention, supering, over-wintering
6. Diseases-detection, prevention, management
7. Bee pests – biology, monitoring, management
8. Processing of hive products – honey and wax
9. Pollination – bee food plants – pollen and nectar
10. Good neighbor relationships

This is a 16-20hr. Beekeeping Class with Two or Three Sessions as noted below. The cost per person is $100 and is NON-REFUNDABLE. Please see details below for dates, locations and contact information.